Hive Interactive Transfers Graph

Enter the accounts separated by commas: STEEM SBD

This tool combines all currency transfers over the last 14 days between the accounts entered. You can drag the account icons around to position them as you like, and pan and zoom to see more detail if necessary.

You can select to view STEEM or STEEM DOLLAR (SBD) transfers. These can currently only be shown as separate graphs.

It plots the data as a directional network graph where the arrow sizes represent the total transfer sizes, and the account icon sizes show the Vested Hive Power for each account.

If you enter a single account name, the software looks for up to 19 other accounts which the account interacts with a lot.

If you enter a tag such as #Hive, the software looks for up to 20 related accounts which interact a lot.

Clicking an account icon opens that Hive account and clicking whilst holding down the Ctrl key loads the graph for that user.

Very low value transfers under 1 SBD or 1 STEEM are not shown on this graph.