File Hashing Tool (for timestamping)

This simple service calculates a sha256 hash of any file you select, and allows you to copy/paste it into your Steem post for a basic kind of copy protection. It allows you to prove using the Steem blockchain that you had access to the file on the date you posted it.

The hash calculation is carried out in your browser, so SteemReports never has access to your file. You can check the page source if JavaScript makes sense to you, to confirm this. If not, it might satisfy you to see how quickly a 500MB video can be hashed. This would be much slower if it had to be uploaded to our server.

Your Timestamp hash to paste into your article is here:

If you prefer it as a small footnote in your post, paste this instead:

Remember to keep the original file you hashed too!

Proving you had the file at a specific date/time requires both the SHA256 hash being in the blockchain, and that you still have a copy of the exact file that you hashed. If you change your file at all, the hash will not stay the same. So you should probably keep a backup.

This may confer no legal protection!

I don't know whether this method would constitute legal evidence, so unless you have more knowledge please don't assume so.

Other ways of hashing your files

If you use Linux on your PC, you can do exactly the same thing using the command:

sha256sum yourfile.mp4

If you hash the same file, you will get the same hash as you get using this tool.

I have been using this until today, but this tool makes it easier for most people. I'm certain there will also be tools for Windows and Mac PCs, but I haven't investigated them.